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5 Social Media Tips for the Holidays

I know it is hard to believe but the holidays are just around the corner.  Now is a great time to promote your business and products.  Here are 5 tips for social media for the holidays:

Tip 1. Prepare a Bank of Post

You are going to be busy but you still want your name getting out there.  Think about the types of messages you want to send out during this busy time of the year, when you want to send them, and how you want to send them.  Don’t forget (more…)


Creating your Facebook Store

Ever heard the term F-Commerce?  It’s new TODAY and it describes having your own online store on Facebook.

It’s now a reality and is embraced by brands both big and small… Warner Brothers, JC Penney and Brooks Brothers all have stores in the works.

The opportunity for people to share their online shopping experiences makes the the F-commerce option attractive for (more…)


7 compelling headline rules

Your headline must entice the reader to take action…
How do you create enticing headlines?

1     Short & Simple. The best headlines are less than 10 words and use simple words and concepts that convey your message quickly. (more…)


powerful fill-in-the-blank headlines

Get What You Want (Health, Wealth, Relationships, Time and Lifestyle)
1. 10 Money/Time Saving Tips for ______
2. The Secret of Getting the Best Price for Your _______
3. How to Find the Best _____ Deals on the Web
4. Top Gadgets for _____
5. Are _____ Worth the Money? (more…)

Prescribing Social Media for the Doctor’s Office

Published July 15, 2010

By using the wall of its Facebook page as a digital bulletin board for community and patient information, a doctor’s office in Irving, Texas, has successfully (more…)


5 ways banks are using social media…

Many banks have started using social websites to help them with everything from healing the financial industry (more…)


Creating Content Part 3 | Are You Talking Too Much?

Southern Exposure Magazine’s Kathy Stone interviews Mark Bortz.

In this segment Kathy asks Mark about his recommendation for how often content should be introduced into your social media system…and why. (more…)


Social Media Case Study | The Fiesta Movement

How do you get people really excited about a car that isnt even going to hit US shores for a year? We {Ford Motor Company} decided we’d ship over a few from Europe (more…)


names… names… names…

Remember when your school yearbook came out and you finally got to see it.  What was the first thing you did?  You looked for YOURSELF!   (more…)


use of Social Media doubles

Social Media Adoption By U.S. Small Businesses Doubles Since 2009

Herndon, VA – Feb 16, 2010
– American small businesses are pushing the limits on new ways to improve efficiency in the prolonged downturn, including a steady increase in social media adoption. (more…)