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I was talking to a client today about the topic ‘What should you say to people in the social networks’. The client, I’ll call him Han Solo, said he was getting hung up on how he should talk when he’s talking to “THE WHOLE WORLD”. My advice to him was this (more…)

Social Media Services Your Business will buy in the future…and why.

Excerpt From Sharepocalypse Now: Why Social Media Overload Means New Opportunities for Startups

By Nova Spivack

Social assistance will be the next frontier spawned from social networking, and we’re all going to need it. We’ll require help managing our online relationships, tying our streams together, sifting through the noise, keeping up with what matters personally, finding who and what we need, and (more…)


17 reasons we love lists

1. Lists simplify.
2. Lists promise instant knowledge.
3. Lists provide choices.
4. We are all victims of information overload. Lists help us make sense of the world.
5. Lists make it seem as if the list maker knows something that list readers don’t.
6. Lists appeal to an ever expanding population of ADD sufferers.
7. Lists appeal to the left brain need for order and linearity.
8. Lists are made of sound bytes. Sound bytes ‘R Us.
9. Lists are familiar. We grew up making them: laundry lists, grocery lists, and Christmas lists.
10. Lists can be updated, added to, or subtracted from easily.
11. Lists give us an instant opportunity to disagree.
12. Lists, with their declarative headlines, make list readers feel like they are just about to get a crash course on a topic of great significance.
13. Lists, when forwarded to friends or clients, position the list forwarder as a knowledgeable resource.
14. Lists include items that are numbered — and most readers assume that an item that’s numbered must be more true than an item that’s merely bulleted.
15. Lists can be printed quickly, folded up, and put into one’s pocket — as opposed to New Yorker articles, the collected works of Henry Miller, or Sunday’s New York Times.
16. Items on lists can be easily crossed off, giving the list maker an instant feeling of accomplishment.
17. Lists are great ways for list makers, especially in the hyperlinked blogosphere, to plug their own products and services


5 ways banks are using social media…

Many banks have started using social websites to help them with everything from healing the financial industry (more…)


5 surprising social media business stats

All the Forrester reports and eMarketer statistics are generally gathered by a social media-friendly company using social media tools to ask questions of a social media-adept audience… (more…)


ROI Questions | Mark Bortz on the ROI of Social Media

What is the Return On Investment for having lights in your office?  It seems like a dumb question until you try reading quarterly reports in a dark room. (more…)


Bad News Travels Fast

By Mark Bortz

You’re right… bad news travels fast, and it’s been said that a customer with a bad experience will tell 10 friends. (more…)


The Cool Springs Chamber welcomes PureSafety

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