How To Integrate Social Media With Traditional Channels

Often times businesses think of social media as a separate promotional element from the “traditional” marketing department. Certainly, there are differences in some of the ways each can be used to accomplish business objectives, but social media should go hand-in-hand with the marketing efforts used in traditional channels.

Traditional channels and social media platforms should build off one another, each propelling the other to places neither could reach as stand-alone media. Let’s look at how traditional channels can add to your presence and influence in the social media world.

It’s 2012. Websites, email, and SEO are traditional channels. If you don’t have a business website, you’re not traditional, you’re Amish. 

You’re website can be you’re best asset for promoting your social networks, if optimized properly. The easy first step to optimize your website is to provide social “buttons,” or links, to your Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, or YouTube channel. These buttons let your fans know you’re a social business when they arrive at your site, and you want them to connect with you.

Buttons need to be prominent to be effective at driving traffic to your social networks. Don’t be shy either, it never hurts to offer connections to your network in multiple places on your site, and even multiple places on the same page.

You don’t have to stop with your website either. Put your twitter handle and facebook page on your email signature, on your business card, in your newspaper ads, on billboards, and bus stops, where ever you currently advertise.

Simply putting social buttons on your site is just the first step to optimization. To further integrate your social networks, give visitors on your site an option to share content from your page to their social networks. Doing this can turn those visitors into brand advocates who promote your site for you.

Whether it’s after they make a purchase, listen to a song, watch a video, or just like a product featured on your page, providing a way for users to share what they did while they were on your site gets your brand, your products, and your services out to dozens or hundreds of people in your current users’ networks.

Social media is becoming more and more integrated with search results in Google and other search engines. Your social media efforts can have a direct impact on your SEO. Creating new content, like YouTube videos, blogs, podcasts, and disseminating it throughout your networks makes search engines believe you to be an authority in your industry.

When users read and share your content, your search engine credibility increases, resulting in higher Google page rankings.

Social media can also be easily and effectively integrated into email marketing. Share options can be added to various promotions in your email. You can also use social to boost your email campaigns by encouraging users to sign up through your networks.

Your social media efforts should by one instrument in concert with the rest of the band, each piece making the other sound fuller and more complete.

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