there’s value IRL- is there in SNL?

In real life… IRL… we know there is value to many aspects.  For instance there’s value to the manufacturer of puzzles.  They sell millions of puzzles to people each year… and so many people spend their time, which is valuable, putting these puzzles together.  See, there’s already two kinds of value.

But does a puzzle have value in SNL?  What is SNL?  Wait, I know.. Saturday Night Live… Wrong.  The 2 answers are yes, and Social
Networking Life.  Yes, there’s huge value to puzzles in Social Networking Life.

You are building puzzle pieces each time you make a post in your social network library, and someone comments on it, and someone else adds to the comments and before you know it… there’s a conversation going on about your post and you’re not even involved.  This is a puzzle piece to a huge puzzle, or picture you are building in your SNL.

And why does this single puzzle piece, or the whole puzzle for that matter represent value?  The trend is leading us toward “social search.”  Using our social networks to search for the answers to our queries.  And the more content you have posted in your library related to your company, products, services, customers, community, competitors, industry… etc., the more value you have to those who are searching.

When someone enters a request in Google, the search robots are looking at all social networking activities to identify the results.  When you post valuable content that creates conversation, you are building puzzle pieces to ultimately complete a puzzle, or picture of what you can offer your audience.  The more valuable content you post… the more puzzle pieces you create… and the more puzzle pieces you create… the more complete your puzzle/picture is and the more attractive an option you become to your audience.

The real value in SNL is in offering your audience free, valuable information.  This information will generate conversation and trust.  This activity will build a reputation that will position you as knowledgeable in your field.  This reputation will influence your audience in making the correct decision to choose you.

content builds puzzle pieces
puzzle pieces build attractive pictures
attractive pictures get noticed
getting noticed builds trust
trust generates a reputation
your reputation influences…

The result is others taking action based on your influences.  Yes, there’s value in SNL.

Got an SNL success story that you can share with us?

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